Die Feinde Israels

Schon in biblischen Zeiten des Alten Testamentes hat Gott sich auf die Seite seines auserwählten Volkes gestellt. Bedingung war, dass sie IHM die Ehre gaben.

Heute habe ich ein Schreiben von den Freunden Israels bekommen, das in english geschrieben ist aber jederzeit von euch in das Übersetzungsprogramm eingegeben werden kann.

The God of Israel Fights for Israel!

The God of Israel raised up a man who is the Chief of Staff of the Israeli IDF, Aviv Kochavi, for a time such as this, to lead the armies of Israel as in the times of old when King David and his mighty men went to to battle.

Last night and this morning, the brilliant strategy given to Kochavi by the God of Israel caused Hamas and Islamic Jihad to suffer devastating losses in men and material.


Last night was a night of Hell in Gaza. Just as God said in His word:

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it”

Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are surrogates of Iran. They are funded by Iran. Many of their rockets and mortars come from Iran. Their suicide drones are manufactured in Iran and sent to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Their troops are trained by Iran, and they take orders directly from Iran.

The Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Syrians in Syria, and the Mullah’s in Iran are learning a valuable lesson today. They need to first count the cost before they attack Israel.


Last night, within 40 minutes 160 Israeli Jets attacked over 200 targets in Gaza, dropping 450 bombs. The residents of Gaza, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad have never ever experienced anything like this in their past conflicts with Israel.

When the people of northern Gaza and their leaders awoke this morning and looked out on their city what they saw was total destruction; It was a complete disaster, with many parts of the city having been totally destroyed. (see pictures to follow)

Brilliant Tactics

Early this morning, Israeli time, the IDF called in the major US news services, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others and announced, “We are now moving to attack Gaza by land, sea, and air!”

They did not say that Israel was launching a ground assault, they just implied it. Hamas and Islamic Jihad heard the US broadcast and reacted exactly as Israel’s brilliant commander expected. They took the bait.

They ordered all their soldiers to go under ground into the tunnels and hide so when the Israeli army came in they would burst forth and attack them. Remember, both Hamas and Islamic Jihad put their tunnels under buildings surrounded and often occupied by innocent civilians, because they care nothing about the lives of their own people.

What happened next had to be perfectly timed.

As the army of Hamas and Islamic Jihad descended into the tunnels, under many large buildings, 160 Israeli jets were already in the air. When they closed the doors on the last tunnel, Israeli fighters dropped huge bombs on the buildings that were above the tunnels. The bombs caused not only the major buildings to collapse, they caused the tunnels to collapse as well, instantly trapping thousands of Hamas and Islamic troops. As I write this, thousands of Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists died this morning in sealed tombs, never to rise again!

The remaining leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad now are in absolute panic. They sent a delegation this morning from Egypt to ask for a cease fire with Israel, after firing over 2,000 rockets and many suicide drones at Israeli’s major cities and citizens for 5 days.

Israel response; “No cease fire!”

Watch and Pray!